Kearny Cottage is a historic home in Perth Amboy, New Jersey.

Built in 1781, the four-room cottage is a museum operated by Kearny Cottage Historical Society and serves as a repository for many items donated by citizens of Perth Amboy reflecting the maritime history of its owners and the city. A colonial garden is located on the grounds.

The cottage was home to Elizabeth Lawrence Kearny (also known as the poet, “Madame Scribblerus”) and Michael Kearny. Their son, Lawrence Kearny, was born and died in the house. Commodore Kearny was famous for his open door trade policy with China and he was known as “The Sailor Diplomat.”

The cottage was originally located on High Street, but was moved to Sadowski Parkway when the last Kearny descendant died in the 1920s. The building was later moved to where it now stands at 63 Catalpa Avenue, just a dozen yards inland from the mouth of the Raritan River.

The house is listed on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places and National Register of Historic Places as the Lawrence Kearny House (NR Ref # 76001166).



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